Okie Dokie Art shenanigan enthusiasts, it’s here! the year you have been waiting for!  Ok that was a touch dramatic, but i am excited.  2017 was a year of change. Some of it was amazing, some of it hard, but all of it was fascinating.  It wore me out. So 2018 brings me to a place where I am simply ready for a therapeutic rest. I am taking a year off for honing in on  healthy change, peace and artistic discovery. I am going to do things I truly enjoy as often as I can with people I love. ( missing my bestie). Working on videos, art classes and super fun mixed media art is making me giddy. I have some really cool things  for you this year and I am so stoked.

I am taking a different approach to things though. Im going to relax and not freak out about what I can’t do and focus on what I can do. I am ready to discover the real me so…

My word for 2018 is ” Seek”. I feel a wave of discovery coming.

electricbabay    I am not going to make resolutions. I am only going to put into motion the idea of seeking out the changes that could result in a healthier me. I am not putting any ridiculous expectations on myself. Life gets in the way of those things & I simply do not have time for guilt over that kind of thing. I do, however have a few goals, knowing that I don’t know how long they will take to accomplish and that’s ok. I do know, that if I don’t take care of myself, I wont have anything left to give to anyone else and I want to be there for the people I love. I want to live a full, creative life and I can’t do that unless I re-prioritize and prune away the things that are holding me back from that.

so… This year I am going to seek out ways to:

  1. Deprogram from unhealthy belief systems that keep me in a cycle of broken-ness.
  2. Regroup. Rest. Accept my limitations.
  3. Forgive and ask forgiveness
  4. Pursue health; physical, mental and emotional; fiercely.
  5. Speak life, not only to others but to myself.
  6. Be Grateful everyday.
  7. Pursue Joy
  8. Step down from moral superiority and treat others with compassion, love and understanding. (more on that later)
  9. Spend time in prayer and meditation everyday.
  10. Relax
  11. Give
  12. Create art that I love to  create and share that with others as often as possible.
  13. Laugh every single day, even when it hurts.
  14. Capture negativity and replace it with positivity.
  15. Learn to take care of myself.
  16. Study. Practice. Learn.
  17. Be present.
  18. Put down the cell phone.
  19. Enrich the lives of others.
  20. Let go.



Let’s do this. I dare you.




About MY Artisitic Shenaniganshttp://mixedmediaartshenanigans.comDesert Angel Mixed Media Arts (DAMMA). Mixed Media Art, Classes, Workshops and Supplies

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