Changing Sites and upgrading content

HI Followers! and if you are not a follower, welcome!

I wanted to pop in and let you know that we will be switching blog providers at the end of the year. This site will be history and the new site will be at . It will take some time to move everything over and to write the new and upcoming content, so my goal is to have all tasks completed by the new year.

I will not be adding any new content to this blog, but would love for you to come and follow me at Sedona Brave. Though she is in her infancy, I’m excited about what is to come.

I have been working on some free on line mixed media classes. Some mixed media kits and some community content that I am super excited about. My goal is to make as many connections as possible with others who’s love life, art and discovery.

Well I think that is all for now. I love you and Thank you for following me here and I hope to see you at

xoxo Sharon

About MY Artisitic Shenaniganshttp://mixedmediaartshenanigans.comDesert Angel Mixed Media Arts (DAMMA). Mixed Media Art, Classes, Workshops and Supplies

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