Technique 1: Under- journaling

    Under journaling is the first technique I ever used to engage my recovery. It is the process of journaling under art in a way that creates a meaningful, purposeful, piece of art that fully embraces the heart of the artist. It is a process that I have repeated hundreds of times and I find that it helps me to move through and past things that would otherwise stump me or hold me in anger, hurt or resentment. It helps me process loss, forgiveness,guilt, sadness, joy, love, anger, and any other thing I need to process.

     For this project, you will need a piece of water color paper or mixed media paper, in a size that will fit in your journal, your favorite writing instrument, white acrylic paint or gesso, a pencil,  mod podge or your favorite glue, your favorite art supplies and old book pages and/or decorative napkins or any paper you like. 

  1. Fold your paper in half . We fold this in half so that we can later bind it into a journal. If you will be attaching it to a page or slipping it into an envelope, it will be small enough that you don’t have to fold it. It’s your preference.
  2. Begin to write on the paper as if in a journal. If you have trouble getting started you can write on a certain topic, like denial or anger… or use a prompt like “today I am feeling….”, or “I want to throat punch….”. Don’t let a blank canvas or paper intimidate you. You make that paper your’ a…, friend. Write until you feel you have said what you need to say, as long as it takes.
  3. Read it, pray about it, and let it go.
  4. Using the Gesso or white paint, cover the surface over the paper or canvas. It may take more than one coat. You can let words show through by painting around them or not. It’s up to you.
  5. Next collage your background. Using book pages or papers you like tear or cut paper and attach it to your background with an adhesive like mod podge, matte or gel medium etc.
  6.  Next collage on your Napkin if you are using one. Allow to dry completely.
  7. Now your work surface is ready for your creative touch!

Video 2- Painting Winter Girl and Kits are up!

Hi Art Shenaniganists!

Video 2 in the Illustrated Girl Series is ready! Painting Winter Girl!


This is the kit for the 2018 you tube classes. Although there are a few things you will still need this is the basics of the supplies and all series classes for this year will be based off of this kit. I buy my supplies wholesale so I am going to pass as much savings on to you as I can. These supplies would be well over 45.00 if you buy them at the art store or a big box store. I have made up an extra 10 kits but if you get there and they are sold out, i will create one for you- just shoot me a message.

Purchase Class kit here

This kit contains:
11 x 15 140 lb watercolor paper/ 30 sheets
Black and white gel pens
Charcoal pencils
Prang watercolors
Embroidery thread- colors will vary
Embroidery needles-2
Tote bag to carry your supplies, colors vary
Sheet of Sticky gems
Flesh colored acrylic paint- Decoart
3 x 5 notebook to take notes and create sketches for reference
fabric for spine
chipboard for covers
**** Sometimes I get fun misc. items in like beads or ribbons or art supplies. I will be including a surprise gift in the kit as well that will be related to the project I am teaching at the time.

New Video Series

Hi Shenanaginists… I am here to introduce a new video series : “Illustrated Girls”.

I am working on a super fun project and I thought it would be a blast to share it and maybe even interact with you on this.

One of my favorite things to do is whimsical  illustration. I love to draw something I see and put my own spin on it. I love to create a mixed media painting from the drawings and sketches I create. It’s just fun and I love to get lost in the ideas and the colors and the art supplies.. Like seriously, I am an art nerd.color

I have about 20 sketches I am currently working on. It’s a lot.  I thought about what I was going to do with it all and I thought, what a cool book  this would make and I could bling this sucker up and bind it like this and cover it like that… and that is how this series was born.  So the plan is to use several mediums to make these sketches into paintings and then bind and cover them into a book. girl2

I rarely talk  in my videos unless I am cutting up or being silly. But I did some explaining in this one, like an intro to the series.  Also, if there is any interest in this series, i will make up some kits for this project  and  start a Facebook page so we can share work and Ideas.  So let me know if you have any ideas you want to share.

Oh Did I mention that the video tutorials are free… Yep.  I just want to share what I am doing, maybe later you will join me for a class or a retreat… anyhoo….girl1

here is the first video in this series, ” the Sketching of the Winter Girl”