Technique 1: Under- journaling

    Under journaling is the first technique I ever used to engage my recovery. It is the process of journaling under art in a way that creates a meaningful, purposeful, piece of art that fully embraces the heart of the artist. It is a process that I have repeated hundreds of times and I find that it helps me to move through and past things that would otherwise stump me or hold me in anger, hurt or resentment. It helps me process loss, forgiveness,guilt, sadness, joy, love, anger, and any other thing I need to process.

     For this project, you will need a piece of water color paper or mixed media paper, in a size that will fit in your journal, your favorite writing instrument, white acrylic paint or gesso, a pencil,  mod podge or your favorite glue, your favorite art supplies and old book pages and/or decorative napkins or any paper you like. 

  1. Fold your paper in half . We fold this in half so that we can later bind it into a journal. If you will be attaching it to a page or slipping it into an envelope, it will be small enough that you don’t have to fold it. It’s your preference.
  2. Begin to write on the paper as if in a journal. If you have trouble getting started you can write on a certain topic, like denial or anger… or use a prompt like “today I am feeling….”, or “I want to throat punch….”. Don’t let a blank canvas or paper intimidate you. You make that paper your’ a…, friend. Write until you feel you have said what you need to say, as long as it takes.
  3. Read it, pray about it, and let it go.
  4. Using the Gesso or white paint, cover the surface over the paper or canvas. It may take more than one coat. You can let words show through by painting around them or not. It’s up to you.
  5. Next collage your background. Using book pages or papers you like tear or cut paper and attach it to your background with an adhesive like mod podge, matte or gel medium etc.
  6.  Next collage on your Napkin if you are using one. Allow to dry completely.
  7. Now your work surface is ready for your creative touch!

Just a little bit of color therapy

     Sometimes, I just pile my favorite art supplies in a big beautiful pile on my art table and work or play depending on how you see it.  I just need to cleanse my soul of all the weeks junk, you know stress.  Sometimes just putting my hands in the paint or the pastels or the ink is enough to to fill my heart with joy and it purges out all the emotional and mental noise and replaces it with something worth hearing.  The following was one of those sessions. 

     I had no idea what was going on the paper when I sat down, but it was houses that made the cut. I thought I would share that with  you. 

Resin work on a journal.

I have been wanting to experiment with resin on book covers. I decided a good beginning experiment would be on the little golden books I have been working with and now is as good a time as any.  I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I went a little nuts on this journal. It’s a big ole chunky thang…  with a lot of interactive stuff.  I was just in love with this little book and its illustrations and graphics.  It remind me of hanging out with my Grandmother when I was little.

Here is a flip through video.



Finishing What I started… April Goals

*** I have oh so many projects started in my art studio. I have been trying to find a comfortable art place to get nuzzled in and just disappear into my bliss. On this quest I have started a lot of projects. I say started, not finished. I’ve broken my own rule.   It usually happens when I am waiting for something to dry. If I could learn to meditate or dance or something  while I wait, I could do one project at a time but  once I get in the zone… I cannot stop.  So my goal is to finish as many of those projects as I can in April.  Here are a few of them.



***I am still looking for space to set up shop here in Carlsbad NM, so that I can teach mixed media classes, art parties and workshops. For those things it is just to labor intensive to  haul that many supplies from place to place. However, I  will be ready by the end of April to do Art Parties for Kids, Paint and Sips, Coffee and Canvas, and Events at a venue of your choice or in your home.  I may do some children’s art Classes this summer in my home or at the rec center at discount prices.  I should have the details of the classes and parties up on my site in a couple of weeks.  And Finally, I will try to have the show schedule for the next six months, if you are interested in purchasing my art.



*** I will still be working on the Illustrated Girls series until it is finished. Video 5 is up next. ” Prayer and Praise”. Its almost Easter after all.  I’m rather excited about this one. Not only do I love the illustration, I am excited to work with acrylics on this painting.  I will be working on that one today Here is the sketch of the next installment of  the Illustrated girl series.



*** The Last thing that I would like to introduce is Techniques and Tricks. I am going to be doing a series of shorty videos, so I can share some of my techniques with you as they happen. Here is the first one on using repositional sticker paper to create masks in your artwork. Also here I am working with my Scanncut. I bought it so that I could make stencils of my original art for art classes for my students. I used it on this project to create masks out of my own handwriting, which was cool, and of some feathers.