Video 2- Painting Winter Girl and Kits are up!

Hi Art Shenaniganists!

Video 2 in the Illustrated Girl Series is ready! Painting Winter Girl!


This is the kit for the 2018 you tube classes. Although there are a few things you will still need this is the basics of the supplies and all series classes for this year will be based off of this kit. I buy my supplies wholesale so I am going to pass as much savings on to you as I can. These supplies would be well over 45.00 if you buy them at the art store or a big box store. I have made up an extra 10 kits but if you get there and they are sold out, i will create one for you- just shoot me a message.

Purchase Class kit here

This kit contains:
11 x 15 140 lb watercolor paper/ 30 sheets
Black and white gel pens
Charcoal pencils
Prang watercolors
Embroidery thread- colors will vary
Embroidery needles-2
Tote bag to carry your supplies, colors vary
Sheet of Sticky gems
Flesh colored acrylic paint- Decoart
3 x 5 notebook to take notes and create sketches for reference
fabric for spine
chipboard for covers
**** Sometimes I get fun misc. items in like beads or ribbons or art supplies. I will be including a surprise gift in the kit as well that will be related to the project I am teaching at the time.

New Video Series

Hi Shenanaginists… I am here to introduce a new video series : “Illustrated Girls”.

I am working on a super fun project and I thought it would be a blast to share it and maybe even interact with you on this.

One of my favorite things to do is whimsical  illustration. I love to draw something I see and put my own spin on it. I love to create a mixed media painting from the drawings and sketches I create. It’s just fun and I love to get lost in the ideas and the colors and the art supplies.. Like seriously, I am an art nerd.color

I have about 20 sketches I am currently working on. It’s a lot.  I thought about what I was going to do with it all and I thought, what a cool book  this would make and I could bling this sucker up and bind it like this and cover it like that… and that is how this series was born.  So the plan is to use several mediums to make these sketches into paintings and then bind and cover them into a book. girl2

I rarely talk  in my videos unless I am cutting up or being silly. But I did some explaining in this one, like an intro to the series.  Also, if there is any interest in this series, i will make up some kits for this project  and  start a Facebook page so we can share work and Ideas.  So let me know if you have any ideas you want to share.

Oh Did I mention that the video tutorials are free… Yep.  I just want to share what I am doing, maybe later you will join me for a class or a retreat… anyhoo….girl1

here is the first video in this series, ” the Sketching of the Winter Girl”


For the record, in case their was any doubt, I am terrible at change. However, in my short time here in my new little city, I have adapted to some things better than I thought. We have ridden the fast food train until the wheels fell off.  I ordered enough Domino’s pizza to get a free one and having Taco Bell 3 minutes from my house has been a treat. Lucky for me the department stores are close enough to buy bigger pants to accommodate our chubby bliss. Back to a plant-based diet for me.  Green smoothies.  Yoga pants.

I also find it quite stimulating to scream in terror at each  4 way stop, fully loaded with confused drivers who don’t know who’s turn it is to go.  Two cars inch into the street at the same time, drive exactly 2.8 feet into the intersection, slam on their breaks and then yell while waving violently with angry faces.  I assume they are yelling. I can’t hear them. It is like a silent movie. I guess they could just be singing along to Quiet Riot, Ozzy or something meaningful like that.  Maybe they were just welcoming me to their city.  I decided just to wave back. featherwm

Still, some things are harder to deal with. It’s loud here.  Cars and dogs and motor cycles and neighbors dropping the f bomb and calling each other pet names while relaxing in the yard with their jack hammers and skill saws.   Mind you, If I open my bathroom window and lean out  I can physically touch the neighbors property.

It is so easy to get distracted by all the smoke and lights and screeching tires. I’ve lost some of my artistic direction.  My heart is just not in it. My Mojo is Kaput. I realized that I really need to rest and  regain my strength, both physically and spiritually… usually mentally comes when those two are tended to. This is so different from what I had grown use to, that I feel stressed out all the time. I gotta chill.

So I am going  to rest my mind a few days and not try to conquer the artistic world or any world for that matter right now.  Sometimes you just need a break. Meditate. Pray.  Walk. Run.  Organize my space. Find that favorite spot for my cup of tea and a good read.  All the worry and stress don’t make me a better anything. Not a better Artist, mom, friend, wife or neighbor.  So I’m going on a little sabbatical. To take deep breaths. To adapt. To see what inspires me. To take photos and build an arsenal of reference. To Laugh. To Love. To Be.

I need to realign myself with my bliss, my vision and my God. I want to be focused on my art and my family and my spiritual life…. because at some point a little voice will say, Nana… Can we paint something.  And I want to be present when I hear it.