Little Golden Book Journal: Finding Nemo


I have a tendency to go a little over board when I get excited about an art project. I have collected A LOT of children’s books and my head is over flowing with ideas for journals and bags and….. oh so much more. I am working on a series (” Books and Bags” )for a while.  I need to switch gears for a while. It has been hard finding real estate in this new place to build a studio for teaching, so we decided to postpone it for a while. This leaves me a little time to just art. Just relax. Just have fun.  So that I can release the inner creative beast before I explode, I decided to go back to working on one of my favorite things: Book binding and journals.  I love this because there are no rules. I can sew, paint, work with papers, work with books, stamps, texture, jewelry components, fabrics, hardware,…the list just goes on.  This series will last until I run out of books or until I have chewed all the flavor out of it, or until a squirrel runs by… you creative types know what I am talking about.

This nautical themed journal began with a little golden book and became a junk journal, my favorite no-rules art journal thing so far.  This one is on its way to Indiana right now.

Video 2- Painting Winter Girl and Kits are up!

Hi Art Shenaniganists!

Video 2 in the Illustrated Girl Series is ready! Painting Winter Girl!


This is the kit for the 2018 you tube classes. Although there are a few things you will still need this is the basics of the supplies and all series classes for this year will be based off of this kit. I buy my supplies wholesale so I am going to pass as much savings on to you as I can. These supplies would be well over 45.00 if you buy them at the art store or a big box store. I have made up an extra 10 kits but if you get there and they are sold out, i will create one for you- just shoot me a message.

Purchase Class kit here

This kit contains:
11 x 15 140 lb watercolor paper/ 30 sheets
Black and white gel pens
Charcoal pencils
Prang watercolors
Embroidery thread- colors will vary
Embroidery needles-2
Tote bag to carry your supplies, colors vary
Sheet of Sticky gems
Flesh colored acrylic paint- Decoart
3 x 5 notebook to take notes and create sketches for reference
fabric for spine
chipboard for covers
**** Sometimes I get fun misc. items in like beads or ribbons or art supplies. I will be including a surprise gift in the kit as well that will be related to the project I am teaching at the time.