What inspires you?

For a while now, I have been in search of meaningful things;  Meaningful living, meaningful relationships, meaningful healing, meaningful spirituality and meaningful art.  I am at a place in my life where it is just not enough to go with the flow, to do what everyone expects me to do or wants me to do. I don’t want to live my life in fear; In fear of going to hell or making a mistake or dying or living. I just want to be present in this moment doing the things that create joy and laughter in my life and in the life of others. I don’t want to just do things to do them, I want to do things to live them. I  have made some pretty drastic changes to create the life I truly want. It is not the life I was taught to live. It challenges every single part of that.  But I came to a place where I said ” I can’t be a part of this anymore. I have Lupus, my religion is gone, my friends are gone, my heart is broken, my body is broken, and my spirit is wounded.  I have absolutely nothing to lose by being fearlessly and unapologetically me.” I heard that recently from a very wise family member and it inspired me. It allowed me to put into words what I was feeling all along. I don’t want to be good enough, or socially acceptable or normal. I just want to be free to be me.

I wanted to care for my body so I changed to a plant based diet and my Lupus symptoms diminished almost completely, which made me a much nicer person. I decided to follow my bliss and do the things I love and I became much happier. I decided to trust the process of my life without worrying about how long it takes and I became content.  I decided to serve because I love serving, not because I am required to do it to get into heaven and I found my joy.  I decided to seek out the God of love and hope and compassion and I found out that He is so much bigger than I ever even dreamed. I walked outside the walls of religion and found my spirituality on a pillow, meditating, smiling and being grateful, truly feeling it.   No More chains.

So I want to share with you the top  things that inspire me to  live a creative life…

#1 : I have an art crush on Flora Bowley.  100_6892 I read her second book first  by accident and immediately went out and bought the first book. Why? Because she inspires me to be authentic, genuine and fearless. Because she decided who she wanted to be and was. Because she looses her Sh#! like the rest of us and gets up. Because she lives to live.  I follow her blog for inspiration. I follow her on Instagram for her word paintings. Her techniques have become my personal art therapy, the warm up, the place to go when I’m about to break, and the place I go when I am full on inspired. I would love to get certified to teach her methods as the groundwork for workshops I dream of holding in my own studio in the next few years.  In the meantime Art shenaniganists, get those books and dive in. Shes a hoot!… Im not a stalker. Really.

#2  New Mexico .There is absolutely nothing like a New Mexico Sunset. I said New Mexico… not New, Not Mexico.  I am talking about Santa Fe, Roswell, Carlsbad, Taos, Chama, Ruidoso, Cloudcroft. I am talking about Red or Green? (that’s chilis for you foreigners.) Mexican food, Native American culture, Aliens, Art, Georgia O’Keeffe, Indian fry bread, Cinco De Mayo, Day of the dead, Prayer at the courthouse, desert yoga retreats, desert cactus, desert scenery and cowboys…. FB_IMG_1477788317353 Taos Pueblo

#3  My Bestie…. Tammy,  is an amazing artist and Teacher. She has always inspired me to practice and to trust my artistic gut, to ask questions and to go for it. She will tell me when my earrings look like growths or if I am acting like a jerk. She also tells me when I am amazing and that she misses me and she never lets me forget that I am capable of creating a life. I totally love her.  IMG_20161225_190215_597    Here are some of her artworks.. you can find them at The Gallery in Roswell NM.


#4 Flash: Aka my husband! This man is amazing! Like seriously mental! He runs 20 miles a week, works long hours, supports my vegan adventure, hunts, dads like a boss and spoils me rotten. He still manages to drive to the top of the hills to get me “that” shot of the sunset and finds time to bring me roses or take me to dinner. I am inspired by his energy, his positivity, his work ethic and his vision. I love that he finds a way to be hilarious no matter what is going on and I adore his ability to see me through anything.



#5.. My Morning routine. I drink coffee and read something that inspires me. I meditate on the things that I am grateful for and I visualize myself at the moment I have achieved my dreams. I meditate on a personal relationship with God. I listen to music I love, drink that green smoothie, and walk or do yoga.  I journal in my own artsy way. I pick up my house and prepare food and do my chores or errands. Then I am free to devote hours to my artistic bliss without  concerning myself with what I “should’ be doing.


#6  This one should probably be at the # 1 spot if these were not random. Brooke Goldner, author of Goodbye Lupus. Her book puts a new spin on the way I think about my body and how to care for it. She is a real live doctor who had a real autoimmune disease who accidentally stumbled on a way to reverse it.  Changed my life



#7  My Kids… I have a lot of kids… I am a bio mom, adoptive mom and a stepmom. Some of my kids came from rough starts and some are gifted with the capacity to love, give, and perceive amazing things.  The “thangs” they say and do keep me rolling. They are amazing, resilient and funny as hell. I am so blessed to be their mom.


#8 My Own Art and art studio… The excitement of knowing that I get to do this everyday…. Gets me out of bed in the morning, even on less than perfect days. It is my bliss, it encircles my dreams, my gifts, and my grin every single day.


#9 Brandon and Kristen Hutchinson: They were the children’s Pastors at a church for years when they decided to step out in faith, with basically no plan except faith. They did not wait for the need to come to them in an air-conditioned office with a coffee dispenser, they knew where the need was and they went to it. Did you hear that, they went to the need.  Not in a foreign country or on a mission trip , they found the need right here in our country and went to it, filled it and believed that there would be enough for them. and . there. was.   IF you need a great place to give to, shoot me a note and I will tell you how to send them cash or whatever you want to give.  It is one of the places we give to. They are the real deal ya’ll!



#10… My Sister…. my sister is hands-down, my biggest hero. She is just the sweetest person I know, and she never ever forgets to remind me she has my back. The only person who could punch me in the nose and tell me she loved me and I would know they meant the same thing. She is my big sis and she has never stopped taking care of me. Her wit has shown up in my art more than once and she is a pretty good artist in her own right. She has an amazing eye and a nack for putting things together that end up looking classy and chic. I draw on that.  She loves me no matter how weird I get and that is a treasure.  Love love love her.

So if you are being fearlessly and unapologetically you….. What  inspires you?